The sweet tooth is real, and your brain is hungry

The study:Researchers looked at an enzyme called glucokinase and its impact on appetite. They found that activation of glucokinase may be what causes the "sweet tooth" and carbohydrate cravings.

Their research suggests that the activity of glucokinase in the brain increases our appetite for carbs, which become the brain's preferential fuel: glucose.

Researchers believe it may also be a major cause of overall calorie intake. They say the amount of glucokinase production varies from person to person, and fasting may increase its activity in the brain.

What this tells us:Carb cravings aren't just psychological. The brain relies so much on glucose that it'll make you crave it – with urgency.

(Reminder: Even if you're on a low carb, no-sugar diet, the body will make its own glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis.)

It also tells us that if your brain's need for glucose isn't appeased, it'll drive you to eat until it is. 

What you can take away:First, there's no hard and fast rule that you can get from this. Just use the study to examine your own diet and appetite.

It’s okay to feel that your body is carving sugar, its only natural especially if your going from a high sugar and carb diet to a restricted one. To curb your sugar cravings you can enjoy a guilt free treat like Protein Mousse; knowing that not only your sugar cravings will reduce but also your appetite. 

Bottom line: Dont feel guilt for craving; enjoy guilt free treats, 

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