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  • Choc strawberry shortcake
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    Simply Natural Nutrition

Choc strawberry shortcake

Makes 1 mini cake


For the base 

1/2tbsp cacao butter melted * 

1tsp coconut oil melted

1tbsp dedicated coconut 

3tbsp macadamia meal 

1tbsp almond meal 


for the cheesecake 

1 serve (40g) of simply nutrition choc strawberry cheesecake mousse 

40ml water 

10ml cacao butter melted 

5ml honey 



1. Combine your base ingredients in a bowl and press into a lined mini cake tin. Set aside 

2. Combine your cheesecake ingredients and which with a fork, set aside for 30sec, I find best to melt the cacao and honey together. 

3. Spoon over the top of the base and smooth the top 

Garnish with choc drizzle 


* i grate my cacao butter first to help it melt faster 

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    Simply Natural Nutrition

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