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Protein Myths!

Protein - we all need it. Having enough of it and from quality sources, is the difference between "Hey" and "WOAH, have you been working out?”. However there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about protein, its benefits, negatives and effects. 


5 Simple ways to boost your metabolism to help keep you burning fat without loosing muscle.

1. Build Muscle – Having a high muscle mass means you’re BMR or basal metabolic rate is higher. In simple terms this means your body burns more calories at rest.

2. Exercise – Exercising is not only great for your heart and burns calories it also increases your metabolism. Even when you finish exercising your metabolic rate remains elevated for up to 12 hours!


Protein for breakfast

Start the day off right with a high protein breakfast and optimise not only your body goals but your brain functionality as well. Having a protein based breakfast can optimise your brains ability to send messages to the rest of your body, when combined with healthy carbohydrates your body gradually digests your breakfast keeping you full and energised until your next meal. 


Fat vs muscle

Protein contributes to the growth and development of lean muscle mass, adding protein into your diet has many benefits when transferring fat into protein.  Attaining high quality natural protein can assist in weight loss and the development of lean muscle.  Protein can...