Insulin sabotage

Finding it difficult to drop those extra few kg's? 

Insulin is an essential substance whose main function is to process sugar in the bloodstream and carry it into cells to be used as fuel or stored as fat. A primary cause is excess intake of sugar or carbohydrates typical of many diets today. This includes nutrient-poor carbohydrates such as processed foods, sugary drinks and sodas, packaged low-fat foods, along with insufficient protein intake, inadequate fat intake, and deficient fibre consumption. Insulin resistance may also be attributed to lack of exercise, overindulging in alcohol, stress, a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and excess body fat, especially around the abdomen.

For effective weight loss, you must control your blood glucose and therefore your insulin levels. 

How? Bump up your protein and axe the simple carbs. Higher protein intake keeps your blood sugar balanced and your insulin levels low – a metabolic must for appetite control and fat loss. Protein also packs a hormonal punch because it stimulates the activity of many of our fat-burning and appetite-controlling hormones when we consume it in the right amounts. Utilising a a product like Protein Mousse as a snack or as an emergency meal can assist with reducing your insulin levels. Stevia is free from insulin spiking properties and with the added natural fat burning ingredients; its a great alternative. 

When increasing your protein intake and reducing your simple carbs you should ensure than you are also increasing your physical activity to get optimal results!

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