Imagine the perfect nutritional product... AQUAMIN


Imagine the perfect nutritional product...

- 100% Natural

- Slow release buffering

- Thermo-stable

- US FDA GRAS, Halal and Kosher certified

Aquamin contains over 74 bioavailable trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, fluoride, boron and iodine to name a few. Independent studies and peer reviewed publications have demonstrated Aquamin's health benefits for bones, teeth, joints as well as digestion. 

It has been described as “Nature’s Perfect Calcium”, but it is much more than just calcium, Aquami is a totally unique complete natural mineral complex produced from red marine algae (seaweed), harvested from pristine Icelandic waters. This algae is very inert and mineral rich, providing a unique highly bioavailable mineral profile.

It can be easily incorporated into any food, beverage or nutritional supplement product, Simply Natural Nutrition utilising Aquamin in a range of our product's to ensure that all mineral's are from a 100% Natural source. 

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