5 Simple ways to boost your metabolism to help keep you burning fat without loosing muscle.

1. Build Muscle – Having a high muscle mass means you’re BMR or basal metabolic rate is higher. In simple terms this means your body burns more calories at rest.

2. Exercise – Exercising is not only great for your heart and burns calories it also increases your metabolism. Even when you finish exercising your metabolic rate remains elevated for up to 12 hours!

3. Water – Water plays a pivotal role in having a healthy metabolism. Every cell in the body requires water to perform its vital tasks to keep us fit and well.

4. Protein – There is two important reasons why protein can help to boost your metabolism. Firstly it provides amino acids which are the building blocks to that precious calorie burning muscle. Secondly when we digest protein it raises our internal body temperature which means we are burning more calories. Check out our range of high quality protein products here.

5. Supplementation - Simply Natural Nutrition offer's various different supplements which could help to increase your metabolism. 

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